Boundless Way is an emerging Western Zen sangha, with lineage roots in Japanese Soto and Korean Linji.  The mission of Boundless Way Zen is to cultivate Zen in the West through:

  • Establishing and supporting local sanghas
  • Training dharma teachers and practice leaders
  • Providing sesshin and other intensive training opportunities

The ideals of Boundless Way Zen are based on the example and teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha guided by the Bodhisattva Precepts and the teachings of the schools of Zen Buddhism. Our central value is to develop the realization of non-duality and its compassionate actualization.

Boundless Way Zen brings together teachers of different Zen lineages together with the intention of creating a distinctly Western and American vision of Zen.  The teachers of Boundless Way work collaboratively to foster a practice community that is firmly rooted in the ancient traditions while open to new possibilities for the Zen way as it takes its new shape in the West.